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Cumbuco is without a question one of the places in the world with the best conditions to practice kite. More than 300 days of wind on the right side shore, hot water and temperatures ranging from 26 to 30 degrees during all days without exception. Flat water and waves depending on the spot you choose and the time of the tide you choose. Deserted, immense and very long beaches of fine white sand.

Two great lagoons 10 meters from the sea, one fresh water and one salt water, one at each end of the village of Cumbuco with the possibility of arriving by DownWind of 7 and 8 kilometers respectively. The lagoons are like a paradise for FreeStyle lovers and also for beginners who need flat water to progress easily.





You don't need to bring a lot of kites with you, normally the wind allows you to sail daily with a 9 meter kite for a kiter up to 75/80 kilos. This is a size that will allow you to sail almost every day for 9 months

If you want to sail every day without exception you can bring a 12m kite especially from January - However no kite in a closet at home is good for anything, so bring them, because if the average is to use a 9 or 10m - depending on your weight - if the wind drops to 12m you will be perfect... and if it is strong you will use and enjoy the 7m anyway,

EIn the last two years with a 10m kite it has been possible to sail more than 310 days per year.

You can come with wave equipment or FreeStyle, there are conditions for everything.

Depending on the tides (here you have the Cumbuco tide table) you can ride in flat or semi-flat seas and also in waves.

These conditions are in the very center of Cumbuco, however the FreeStyle or WaveStyle devotees can find more specific conditions by moving a few meters from the center of Cumbuco, check out the best SPOTS here

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