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In all our courses we personally commit ourselves to creating an incredible experience for each student. No matter if you are new to the sport or an advanced rider we will help you make a progression in your kitesurfing vacation, CUMBUCO is without a doubt the perfect place.

Escape from the routine and come with us to experience a new concept of vacation, of learning, progressing and pushing your limits in kitesurfing. 

The courses are given in the best conditions for this type of teaching. With a great team of professionals and experienced instructors in the best place in the world... CUMBUCO.

We adapt to your needs and you will receive a high quality service totally oriented to provide you with the best conditions to progress and achieve what you have set out to do.






All our instructors have international certification IKO & AAK, they are physical education teachers and have a lot of experience in sports education, obtaining excellent results with all our students, apart from a fun, enjoyable and very relaxed class... because that is what it is all about... learning correctly, safely and above all enjoying.


Everything is focused on making the most of your holidays.


The possibilities that this sea offers are infinite, the conditions are always optimal. The wind season extends 10 months a year and from November when the northern swells start to enter.


This area offers several options: from Barra de Ceará itself to Tabuba, the wave spots predominate, ideal for a more adventurous and strong navigation.

Right in front of the pousada, on the edge of the beach, a dream flat is formed at low tide.And to the north, heading for the Cauipe lagoon, we find again two incredible wave spots - Saint Tropez and Pico das Almas -

Both options are combined depending on the tides, waves in the morning, followed by a wonderful flat that forms after the break, and vice versa... incredible conditions that can be enjoyed every day until the sunset..


A few kilometers from our beach, is the world famous Lagoa de Cauipe - 7 km Downwind - and Tabuba - 7 km Upwind - both lagoons are fresh water with perfect conditions for the practice of kitesurfing, for beginners and their first classes, and for all the world championship riders who every year come to train for long periods between competitions ... for something will be!!!


The perfectly flat water accompanied by a constant wind, offer to the kiters the best conditions where to practice each new maneuver enjoying an incredible landscape.

Shallow lagoons with flat water, perfect for FreeStyle and accessible from Cumbuco:

  • Cauipe

  • Tabuba

  • Taiba

  • Lagoinha


Our entire coast stands out as one of the best destinations for kitesurfing in absolute freedom, known mainly for its DownWinds. On the coast we find numerous hidden beaches, dunes, white sands, coqueiros, a true paradise that surrounds you while you enjoy its spectacular downwinds.

In INFOCUMBUCO we organize different trips, including visits to other beaches and lagoons, and of course DownWinds designed according to your level and experience. We offer DownWinds trips from one day, 3, 5, 7 and up to 15 days, covering distances from 7 km to our nearest lagoons, and also 500 km to the Parnaíba Delta or Atins, with distances of up to 90 km per day.

Downwind of different distances and for different levels:

  • Wave Secret Spot to Cumbuco – 21 Km, 2 hours (Advanced)

  • Tabuba to Cumbuco – 7 Km, 3/4 hour (Beginner)

  • Cumbuco to Cauipe – 7 km, 1 hour (intermediate)

  • Cumbuco to Taiba – 22 km, 2 hours (Advanced)

  • Cumbuco to Paracurú – 42 km, 4 hours (Advanced)

And many others...

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