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In Cumbuco you can find many options to practice a lot of sports besides kiting. In the dunes of Cumbuco you can practice enduro, quad, ride horses, slide down water slides and Zip Lines... and in the sea you can surf, windsurf, kayak, SUP, body board. 

There is also a fitness club, tennis, paddle, bike, skate, indoor football, beach volleyball and you can find any other offer just a few miles away. Here we detail where you can find them.


The coast of Cumbuco offers the possibility of doing SURF practically all the year, being really from November when the Swells of North begin to enter with major period, and improving considerably the conditions for the practice of this sport - The best dates to surf are when the intensity of the wind lowers and the rains begin, from the end of February until middle of June.

However, always first thing in the morning before the wind starts blowing hard it is possible to enjoy a good surfing session very early... at sunrise!!! and depending on the dates there are also good conditions at sunset.

There are different wave spots all over the coast -Check HERE the map- as well as specific shops in the nearby neighborhood of Icaraí, just 5 km away from Cumbuco, where there are also very good spots for SURF.

 The local people are very friendly, cordial and with an excellent level of surfing - they respect all the locals as a rule

CCheck out the tides and waves at the following links:



See the dunes from a different perspective or take a long walk along the coast.

You can do the tour in a buggy with a higher or lower level of excitement/risk, or you can drive yourself in a quad with the guide at your side.

There are many and varied routes to discover. The normal route includes a tour of the dunes and a stop at one of the many lagoons where you can slide down the dunes with a sandboard, go down to a lagoon directly by the water slide or slide down on a cable through the sky.

 The longest ride includes the trip to the coast of Pecem and his sea of dunes.

JUNIOR (Instagram)

Quads: +55 85 987163177

WhatsApp: +55 85 996483204


Walk on the beach through dunes, rivers and unpaved roads. Discover Cumbuco and its surroundings on a horseback.

Contact the guides to organize a horse ride, also for children and groups.


+55 85 994441030
+55 85 987649637


Sail in the open sea in a small jangada!!... the traditional boats of the Brazilian coast. Every day fishermen take tourists for a ride along the coast. For about 10R $ / each person can swim away from the beach and enjoy the landscape from the sea.

Usually the service is hired in the same beach where the Jangadas are.

+55 85 998249533 (WhatsApp and phone)

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