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Eternal summer

 27 degrees average 




Every day with wind.

9 months with 23 knots on average. 

3 months with 13 knots.

From June to February. 95% effectiveness.




Fine sand

Hot water



30 minutes from Fortaleza and its airport

Cumbuco is located in the best area for kitesurf in Brazil and we can say that it is one of the best kite spots in the world. For 10 months a year 10 hours a day the trade wind from the African continent blows with an average force of 20/25 knots.

It is true that these conditions are repeated along 400 kilometers of coast but Cumbuco offers the comfort of being located only 30 kilometers from the city of Fortaleza, the fifth most important city in Brazil, with international airport, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, etc.

Cumbuco besides its unbeatable wind and beach conditions offers the possibility of living in a quiet fishing village only 30 minutes away from a big city.

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Another feature that makes this Villa a paradise is that the average temperature throughout the year is 27 degrees. There is not a single day of the year when the thermometer goes below 26 degrees.


From January to December the climate of this tropical zone is of eternal summer and not even the rainy period that includes the months of March, April and May makes the thermometers lower.

The wide and very long beaches of fine sand, without rocks, of hot water allow to practice kite in exceptional conditions.

Cumbuco also has a fantastic beach of approximately 15 kilometers of extension without bathers, without marine obstacles. In addition, at each end of the beach there are two large lagoons where you can enjoy perfectly flat water for the practice of freestyle kiting and also for beginners who need calm waters for their progress.


The village of Cumbuco extends along the beach. The center of the village is about 1 kilometer long. However, the beach has an extension of 15 kilometers where there are countless pousadas, hotels, private houses.

The village only occupies a small part of the extensive beach so Cumbuco offers virgin beaches, without agglomeration, and the kiters have many kilometers to enjoy without congestion. Our school is located right in the centre, 300 metres from the town's central square.

La villa tiene forma alargada , se extiende a lo largo de la costa pero tiene poca profundidad ya que se encuentra delimitada por el mar en su frente y por las extensas dunas de Cumbuco a su espalda.

The village has an elongated shape, it extends along the coast but it has little depth because it is delimited by the sea in its front and by the extensive dunes of Cumbuco at its back. These huge dunes are ideal for quads, enduro, buggies, sandboarding, horseback riding, enjoying magnificent sunsets, and even the children of the village can learn to kite there.

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In the maps shown in our MAPS section you can understand the structure of Cumbuco and the location of our school.


Cumbuco has a central axis in the town square. Around it, there are shops, restaurants, bars and in the square there are daily meetings of soccer, capoeira schools two days a week and popular festivities. The square is the meeting place for the inhabitants and tourists of the town during the afternoons and evenings of the whole year.

If you are planning your trip to Cumbuco and need any help or information do not hesitate to contact us, the success of your vacation depends largely on being fully informed of the characteristics of the destination you have chosen.

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